Pune International Dance Congress or PIDC was started by Rocky Poonawala and it will complete 10 years this year. It is a Latin dance festival spread over three days. It is the longest running Latin dance festival in India.

Rocky Poonawala’s dream behind PIDC was to put Pune and India on the globe for Latin dance. The concept of getting international artists and doing a structured learning was the dream when it started. To see world class performances and have world class teachers.

Today PIDC has come to a point where there is such a beautiful structured learning. Well renowned dancers and artists from all over the world attend this festival every year. There are amazing performances and workshops by these dancers and artists. Students get to share the dance floor and stage with some immensely talented international and national artists.

The artists that come in take bootcamps which are structured in an intensive course. All the dancers in India who have been working hard for the whole year get these 3 days to absorb everything from these artists. So it’s a beautiful learning experience where a lot of techniques are learnt and a lot of styles are learnt in depth. So people from all over India can learn a lot of things in Latin American and Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. PIDC also has amazing parties, shows and world class level championships.

Basically it’s for everyone, people who just want to come and have fun, people who want to learn how to dance, people who want to compete or people who just want to do social dancing.

10 years has been a long journey. There are a lot of new partners in PIDC. This year two schools have joined Rocky Poonawala’s Dance School as partners in Season 10 of PIDC, Latin Dance India-Sai and Kirti and Priyanka Kirad’s Feet Circus. It will take place from 12th April to 14th April 2019.

It is a beautiful experience and the whole of India eagerly awaits these 3 days filled with dance, learning, fun, entertainment and parties.

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