PIDC: a beautiful experience to live! Why? Because people are polite and available, music is a perfect mix of every style, you can study and follow the stage with your favorite artist because there are people but not too many. So you can see everything and you can have a real contact with the artist. More lessons in every hour so you can choose what you prefer to study. The organization think about every detail so you don’t worry and just dance! During the social party you can enjoy yourself and dance with your friends and your favorite artists! It is perfect to live 3 days of smile and dance passionately!

Artist: Fiorella Franceschini (Italy)

 Everything here is fantastic, organization is good, people are very nice and most importantly, everything is on time!

 Jackson and June (Singapore)

This event has absolutely blown me away! The organization has been fantastic!

Joseph (Hongkong)

Great event. First of its kind in Pune and Western India!

DJ Javed (Hongkong)

Glad to be here at this event. Had a great time!

Lourd Vijay (India)

It’s a one of a kind dance festival organized by Rocky Poonawala in Pune where multiple dance
forms are being taught by artists from all over the world.

Richard (India)

PIDC was an excellent experience! Huge talent. Could see all the talent from India and the world here.

Shannon and Priti (Mumbai)

PIDC has been a very pleasurable experience. I’m very glad Rocky invited us to be here.

Meher (India)

We are very happy to be here in Pune at PIDC. The people are very welcoming. Pune keep dancing!

Miriam and Leonard (Choreographers: So you think you can dance) (USA)

We’re at PIDC again for the second time. This year is even much much much better than last year!

June and Jackson (Singapore)

This year was even better than last. Rocky always rocks!

Shannon and Priti (Mumbai)

The thing we love most about PIDC is that they were so on time and everything was so structured. We would get phone calls 15 minutes before everything that was happening!

Sahiba and Vineet (Mumbai)

I have never seen a festival that is so on time.

Richard (Bangalore)

The organization was too good. Everything was on time.

Freak N Stylz (Mumbai)

This is one of the most organized festivals in the world!

John (Bangalore)

Three days of dance madness is what PIDC is!

Javed (Hongkong)

Great organization, great staff, great people, great venue, great DJs, floor is beautiful to dance on!

Super Mario (U.K.)

Thank you Rocky for bringing us here. We had a great time! Your hospitality is absolutely amazing! Hopefully we’ll see you all next year!

Nestor and Katrina (Australia)

What a professionally well run event this is! The dance floor is great, the stage is phenomenal, the lighting and everything including the sound, the DJs, all the artists and the instructors, the lineup is phenomenal! If you didn’t make it in the last two years and you’re not here this year definitely, you got to make it next year!

Magna Gopal

I’ve really enjoyed the stay, the food, I got a chance to dance with my mother and it has been a totally enjoyable experience!

Richard Tholoor (Bengaluru)

It’s very relaxing and at the same time very high quality of performances and artists!

Sovit and Satyaki (Kolkata)

Beautifully organized! Again!

Vineet and Sahiba (Mumbai)

Amazing festival! Good food, good workshop, good performances! Everything is sooo good! Rocky rocks!

Sameer and Shenny (New Delhi)

It was our first time teaching at PIDC and we’ve had a blast over the last three days! All the performances, all the students were great! We’re so happy this is happening in our very own Pune and we hope to come every year!

Aarti and Bhavin (Pune)

This year Rocky has done such a great job, especially with the artists!

Freak N Style (Mumbai)

Amazing amazing festival! This is my first time here and it’s rocking! From organizing our tickets to coming to the festival, the treatment, the hospitality…what can I say?! It was A1!

Ameet Shaw (Kolkata)

Lots of fun! Some great shows! Fantastic competition night tonight! Well organized and really enjoyable!

DJ Ash (Mumbai)

As you can see on the dance floor, it’s never empty! It’s amazing to be here, see all these people, amazing performances and great great spirit of Pune!

Shaneel and Aditya (Kolkata)

Pune International Dance Congress has become a very warm festival!

George Jacob (Bengaluru)

Truly international! Truly wonderful! We’ll be back here for sure!

Sunil and Shalu (New Delhi)

I’m very happy I was invited to PIDC! I think the best thing about PIDC is that Rocky and Ketaki are both very warm people and so are the students of Pune. This was the 3rd PIDC and I hope Rocky calls me for the 4 th PIDC too. Thank you very very much!

Meher Malik (New Delhi)

If you are a dance freak you must be at PIDC!

John Anthony (Bengaluru)

Biggest plus, still on time every time!!

Jackson and June (Singapore)

Indian dancers always going to be great! Great experience, good people, we have a lot of new friends in India and in Pune. See you next time!

Vito and Stefania (Italy)

We’ve had an awesome time in the workshops, at the parties! The energy has been absolutely electric! We’ve had an amazing time. This is our second year here and we just want to come back every single time! We have a blast!

Katrina and Nestor (Australia)

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